Summertime is nigh for us all living in sunny Australia. And with summer, comes the prospect of poolside gatherings and barbecues, beach side vollyball, surfing and other fun get togethers. For birthday celebrations of course there are no reasons and seasons. But oh aren’t the ones that come around during the summer months wonderful!
While we all walk around today with our very own smart phones which have their own camera, or with a consumer level digital single reflex lens (DSLR) camera, and indeed, we are of a generation that takes pictures all the time, we still do not possess all the features that make a good picture a great picture.
If you have ever stepped in to the magical world of the picture cubicle with a friend or a loved one, picked out a funny prop, and made the camera in the box click, you would then know that that is all it takes to take a great picture. Without the discomfort of an actual human cameraman behind the lens, which, for some takes time to get warmed up to, which in turn results in awkward poses, our party photobooth hires have proven time and time again, that the subject himself (or herself, as the case maybe) does in fact create the most memorable photographs.
With a little help from automated technologies, where the camera will automatically focus on the subjects in front of it, adjust the light by metering the camera’s settings according to the colours of your skin and clothes, all it takes thereafter is a bit of funky creativity of poses from your guests to make the perfect picture. And the perfect picture generally transforms in to the perfect memory.
A party photo booth hire in Illawara can be a lifesaver for the host of the event in other ways too. It provides a favourite and exciting activity for your guests, as everyone looks forward to being just a bit silly in front of the camera within the cubicle. It will also capture and retain at least one picture each of your guests, so that no one is left without being recorded. It will ensure that none of your guests will be bored, and twiddling their thumbs.
Also, there is definitely no specific type of event that such a rig can be set up at. Be it a wedding, a corporate event, an important birthday celebration, or even a birthday celebration with little significance, an event at your child’s school, a carnival, there is no event that these types of picture wouldn’t liven up.
So turn on the fun. And let your guest create some great memories. They will thank you for it!