Some Amazing Baby Milestone Gift Ideas

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Preserving all the records of your baby from the very first day of his/her life is really an amazing idea. Have you ever thought of capturing the sound of his first laugh, his giggle, his cry and so on? Have you tough of taking the snaps of his movements, his smile or his first walk! The milestone gifts are such that helps you to preserve all the beautiful moments of your baby and make his childhood a really special one! There is plethora of baby milestone gift ideas, let’s explore some of them:

Cards on his first month!

What about milestone baby cards? What about a card featuring the baby’s snap with some quotes on the first month of his birth! Isn’t it an amazing idea to recall the beautiful moments while he grows up?

Baby milestone stickers!

The baby milestone stickers are similar thing that of milestone baby cards. You can pick the perfect pink or blue or multi-colored stickers of any shape with a wonderful quote like “it’s a cute Boy!!” You can also choose a cartoon sticker as a milestone gift for the baby during his first few months.

Babies love stickers and this would be an ideal milestone gift for the little one. You can find a number of sticks available with the sellers online. Browse through the Internet to get an idea of what kind of milestone stickers are available. Choose the one that is colorful and best represents the baby’s milestones. If you are interested you can visit this website

Personalized photo-cube

A cube shaped personalized photo-cube can be another simply extraordinary gift for your baby. Select some good moments and club it into a photo-cube!

The first cake on the baby’s honor

Why don’t you buy a cake on the eve of his 1st month completion?

T-shirt and nappy with a quote

“I m 2 months old” or “I m 6 months old”, such quotes t-shirts and nappy can be a wonderful addition to the milestone gifts for the baby. You can print some customized speech marks for the same.

Birthday party photo frame

A photo frame decorated with balloons and flowers can be a new idea you can add. Well, here you need to be a little humorous and add a caption like, “I m on my 100th!” Wish your baby on his 100th day on this world any bless him for the coming years. This is a great way for the little one to express that “100 days I have been with you and more to go”.

You can select coffee mug

This is another amazing baby milestone gift that you can choose. It will be customized with tags written “Hi, I am 3 months now”.